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Build teams and community while solving puzzles with your coworkers, classmates, family, and friends remotely.

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My sales team just participated in the Island Escape virtual escape room.... And what a challenge! Even though our brains 'hurt' after the event, we all had fun working together to solve the riddles/puzzles. It was all we could talk about for the first 20 minutes the next day! The event was effortless to set up and added tremendous value for its affordable price!

VER masters the intersection of fun and team building to vanquish video gathering fatigue

2 Options:
  1. VER-Hosted $$ - We create a video meeting, send it to you, and host the event from start to finish. Easy peasy and effortless for you!
  2. Self-Hosted $ (COMING SOON) - You create your own video meeting and host the event. Don't worry, we send you detailed instructions with everything you need to know for a successful event.

$17 - $25 per person
Price per person depends on whether you are playing our classic Virtual Escape Room 'escape' game experience or our hidden-identity social game Mayhem on the High Seas. Click here to see the differences and use our calculator to effortlessly create an event estimate!

Massively scalable - there is no limit to the number of teams that can compete simultaneously for a spot atop the in-game leaderboard. Company or department-wide events welcome and encouraged to maximize the competitive spirit!

Our Mayhem on the High Seas game can be played in person at the office, at school, or at home using just your smartphones. The Virtual Escape Room game experience is best played with groups that are remote, and is great for distributed workforces or families that are spread out around the country or the world!

It's our favorite thing to do! We love working with businesses to create a unique experience that incorporates your company's branding, injects educational content in a gamified and fun way, or is set to a storyline that is a good fit for your group. Contact to set up a 30-minute design session.

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