About Virtual Escape Room

VER specializes in remote entertainment through creative and competitive puzzle solving. The VER platform is designed to be effective in its simplicity, elegantly adapting the proven collaborative benefits of physical “escape game” challenges into a web application that is instantly accessible to the entire world with the click of a button. VER events are used for corporate activities, family birthday parties, hangouts with friends, professional networking opportunities, and more.
Though originally created as a response to the need for digital entertainment and community building during the COVID-19 pandemic, today VER has solidified itself as a connectivity medium that has outlived the socially distanced requirement of the pandemic due to its high-quality puzzles, limitless participant scalability, and affordable price.
We have raving fans and consistently receive feedback that the VER experience is simple to set up, wildly entertaining, and wonderfully memorable. We make our puzzles challenging! All the better to keep people engaged and offer a foundation for fun and competitive events. You'll quickly band together and bond with your fellow teammates to overcome the challenges and "escape" with the best time possible. But don't take our word for it - we encourage you to set up an event and discover the fun for yourself!
And if escape game puzzles aren’t your thing, or if you’ve already played through all of our Virtual Escape Rooms and are looking for something delightfully original, our most recent online experience offering ‘Mayhem on the High Seas’ utilizes the Remo video conferencing platform to create an elevated and unforgettable hidden-identity social game virtual experience. Check out the hottest game of the summer here!

It is amazing how, even if your team feels completely lost, it is still so fun to try to solve the consistently creative puzzles that VER makes. The Winter Wonderland room was TOUGH, but I was impressed with the fact that no two puzzles are alike, and it was so satisfying to perservere and escape! Very fun and competitive platform, and looking forward to scheduling more events soon!

Virtual Escape Room

Developed by Saorsa, LLC in 2022