Use this calculator to determine a cost estimate for your event based on the number of people you anticipate will participate


Virtual Escape Room Event

*Just $10 - $15 per person!

6 people/team: 0
5 people/team: 0
4 people/team: 0

Mayhem on the High Seas Event

**Just $15 per person!


* All VER events besides "Mayhem on the High Seas" require a 2-team nonrefundable minimum scheduling fee of $120. The remaining balance due for each event depends on the number of teams (remember, we recommend 4-6 people per team) that show up to the event and compete. Each additional team beyond the first 2 costs $60/team, and if 3+ teams play we will send you a payment link for the final balance right after the event ends. Easy peasy!

** "Mayhem on the High Seas" events require an 8-person nonrefundable minimum scheduling fee of $120.

We had a blast!! The puzzles were engaging, thought-provoking, and challenging. Thank you to Paul and his team for providing quality programming at an affordable price!"

Virtual Escape Room

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