The Grape Escape is a unique blend (see what we did there?!) of wine tasting and goal-oriented competitive puzzle solving. I know what you are thinking... "Seen one virtual wine tasting, seen them all." That's where you are wrong...

The puzzles in this room integrate the wine tasting experience (flavor profiles, information about the vineyard, etc.), so it will feel like a tasting (minus the yawns) during this electric experience as you compete against your opponents for a glorious spot atop the in-game leaderboard.

You'll laugh. You'll shout. Hopefully you won't cry. But most importantly, you'll drink.

Each participating household will receive 2 bottles of red wine from Quivira Vineyards shipped directly to your door. The price is $120 per household for the shipment of wine and the escape room experience for that household. All payment is due up-front, and you can fill out your group's shipping info and pay through this website. For groups of 5 households or under, we ask for a $120 flat "small group" charge on top of the costs outlined above.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the wine will arrive on time if an event date is scheduled that has less than 14 days of lead time from the submission of the order.

Wine can be shipped anywhere in the United States OTHER THAN the following six states: Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Utah

If you live in one of the states that we can't ship to, then it may be possible to pick up our wines from a local distributor. In this case, go ahead and sign up and we will contact you with the details.


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