Scheduling & Duration:Teams typically escape their room in 1 hour, but it would be ideal to block off 1.5 hours for the full event so everyone has time to hang out in the lobby after all teams escape the room! Escape time can vary greatly depending on how well a team works together, which room you pick, and many other factors. We are happy to work with you to set your event up for success by giving teams extra hints (if needed), closing down the event after a specified amount of time, etc.

Teams: We recommend teams of 4-6 people for the optimum collaborative and fun user experience. Teams breakdown can be determined beforehand, or we can split randomly at the beginning of the event. If you’d like to explore a hybrid or have any other creative ideas for how to divide your participants, just let us know!

Event Logistics: A member of the VER team will host the event throughout its duration. The VER host will separate the group of participants who call into the Zoom meeting into Breakout Rooms, which are private virtual chambers within the Zoom meeting where teams will be able to collaborate without being seen/overheard by other teams. Teams will then choose a Team Leader amongst themselves, if they have not been pre-assigned by the event coordinator. The team leaders are responsible for sharing their screen through Zoom and inputting in responses to challenge questions throughout the experience while collaborating with their team members. Every event is flexible and sets up your group for a successful virtual hangout!

Game Mechanics: Teams will watch a full video walkthrough of game mechanics and how to escape before each teams’ timer starts. This video is also available ahead of an event. There is a running clock and leaderboard to cultivate a fun competitive spirit. While guessing and asking for hints are penalized, they add to the strategy and gamesmanship needed to land at the top of the leaderboard before returning to the lobby to go over solutions and compare notes with the other teams as they finish!

Virtual Escape Room

Developed by Saorsa, LLC in 2022